What to Expect

At First Church we are committed to the truth that God loves you personally, unconditionally, irresistible and unbreakably.  Because our focus is on Jesus Christ you will find a vibrant church drawn from the breadth of the Martinsburg/Berkeley County community.  We are of every age and stage of faith.  Each week we gather in worship, in discipleship and in prayer to nurture and encourage our Christian lives together.  

Presbyterians are, first and foremost, biblical Christians.  Because of our commitment to the Word of God we structure our life and worship around God’s positive commandments in the Bible.  Importantly, this means that the God revealed in Scripture is focus of our worship.  Each service has a distinct movement towards God and His word that overflows into our daily lives.  As His people we:

  • Come together as God’s people
  • Celebrate God’s Grace
  • Hear God’s Word
  • Respond as God’s people

Finally, we Follow and Bear God’s Word into the World.

In this way, our worship builds on the patterns of discipleship found in the Bible.  In Scripture God gathers and redeems a people before addressing them, as they hear Him, they respond to His grace and are then commissioned to spread the news themselves.

The Sunday service usually lasts just slightly more than an hour and includes the singing of hymns, psalms and spiritual songs.  There are a few ties, a few polo shirts and always plenty of smiles and a warm welcome.  For disciples under the age seven a well-staffed nursery is available.  Come, and welcome to First Church.