Who are Presbyterians?

Presbyterians are biblical Christians.  We are found on every continent of the globe.  Currently, the largest Presbyterian denominations are in East Africa and South Korea.  Presbyterians have a deep gratitude for the grace of God in Jesus Christ and a deep commitment to obeying God’s Word in our life and faith.

The word “Presbyterian” comes from an ancient Greek word that means “Elders.”  During the sixteenth century Reformation of the Church, Protestant denominations were labeled either “Lutheran” or “Reformed.”  In the English speaking world, the Reformed were further divided on the basis of how Christians should be governed.  Each group tried to lobby the Monarch to make the right choice.  The “Episcopalians” preferred the medieval practice of Bishops.  The “Congregationalists” preferred the modern innovation of independent local congregations.  The “Presbyterians” advocated for a return to the biblical pattern of graded councils of godly elders. 

Presbyterians know that life is chiefly about glorifying and enjoying God.  The best way to do that is to follow Jesus and observe all that He has commanded.  Come and see.